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New mixes!

Two new mixes, tied in with Nowhere 2015:

Wonderever 2014 mix: A mix with some of the tunes popular at Wonderever barrio at Nowhere 2014. First mix with new controller (Reloop Terminal Mix 4, YAY!!!) and new version of Mixx, please excuse the many mistakes! 😉

Wonderever 2014 by Psi36 on Mixcloud

Nowhere 2015 Jungle set: Second part of the set I played on the Eroticar at Nowhere 2015, old school jungle!

Nowhere 2015 jungle set (live) by Psi36 on Mixcloud


My favorite song by The Cure is without any doubt Lullaby, the dreamy strings, the excellent beat, to be played in any set just like that, no remix or edit necessary:

But since that would be a very short post, I’ll get into a few of the many, many versions I’ve heard and liked.

The distinctive beat and hook make it a favorite for mash-ups/bootlegs.
Flows perfectly into The Gorillaz’ Tomorrow Comes Today, the mood and tone of Damon Albarn’s voice fit the song almost as well as Robert Smith’s:

But it works just as well on hip-hop, here NAS’ Revolutionary Warfare:

This minimalistic, broken beat version is more for a chill-out session, but love how it breaks away from the versions everyone knows and still keeps the heart of the song:

This is probably the most main room remix I’ve found, that still works and doesn’t completely rape the original:

This one is quite deep, nice that it’s the original tempo and how the vocals and beat are so much in the foreground. Not such a big fan of the a bit too obvious filter effects, but good remix:

More up tempo version, that doesn’t stray too far from the original, a good thing with such a good original:

There are probably about a million versions, remixes and mash-ups out there, but most of them are crap. Even Faithless made a version, but I don’t deem it good enough to include here. If you know a version that should be included, let me know via the comments!