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Princess & The Big Blue every Monday on SF & RFT

No DJ set for a while, but you can tune in to Princess & The Big Blue every Monday evening 7 PM South African time (UTC +2) on Shouting Fire or Radio Free Tankwa!

There will be more DJ sets from the Princess some time in the future, but none right now.

A Guide to Classic Jungle on Bandcamp

Aah man, the good ol days of 90s jungle, after rave, but before drum&bass. Bandcamp put together a nice list of labels that are represented on its platform:

A Guide to Classic Jungle on Bandcamp

Another live DJ mix kicking off in half an hour!

Tune in to from 3PM South African time (GMT+2) for another 2-hour live DJ set by your Princess.

Hit the WhatsApp button on my Facebook page to send me a voice note and I’ll play it live on air. Your chance for your 15 seconds of fame!

Live DJ set today 3pm

It is Sunday and that means another live DJ set by your Princess. Tune in to Radio Free Tankwa or Shouting Fire at 3pm South African time (GMT+2).

Dance with me!

As I mentioned before I am playing a live DJ set every Saturday. At least for as long as lockdown lasts here in South Africa, which is till the end of April.

To show off your dance moves, and to see which outfit I’m wearing, you can join me on while I am doing my live set, which is Saturdays from 3 till 5 PM South African time (UTC+02:00).

Screenshot from last Saturday's DJ session
Screenshot from last Saturday’s DJ session

How do I tune in?


For the audio stream of my live DJ sets, tun in to

If you are listening on a mobile device and/or not on WiFi, it might be a good idea to tune in via Radio Garden, which has apps for iOS and Android, you can find Radio Free Tankwa on there.

There are more URLs and ways to tune in on the Radio Free Tankwa website


Show off your dance moves and see the Princess in action here:
I don’t stream audio on the video stream as the audio quality on there is really bad, so this is for video only!

Jitsi works really well on your laptop/computer with above link, but probably will not work on you phone. Download the iOS or Android app to get the video stream on you phone:

Live DJ set every Saturday

The lockdown in South Africa has been extended with another two weeks, so I will be playing live DJ sets for the rest of April at least. Every Saturday from 3 till 5 pm (GMT+2) on and

I’ll also stream video so you can show of your funky dance moves, via

Another 2 hour Live DJ set from DJ Princess

Tune in now!

Listen Live

Video via (on mobile get the Jitsi app)

Live DJ set on Saturday

Your Princess is playing another live 2 hour DJ set this Saturday from 3 to 5 PM South African time (GMT+2). Tune in to Radio Free Tankwa or Shouting Fire!