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Because you cannot go out to party, until the end of this dreadful Coronavirus thing, I will play a two hour DJ set every Saturday from 3 PM South African time (GMT+2). Tune in to radiofreetankwa.com or shoutingfire.com for some tunes you cannot help but to dance to.

Next Live DJ set is Sat, 4 April, 15:00 – 17:00 (UTC+02:00)

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Bandcamp Radioactive Man

Bandcamp is doing this to help artists:

Radioactive Man, one of my all-time favourite artists sent out his mail today:

Radioactive Man

Where to start with this message… What a shitstorm.
Future unknown for everyone on the planet ..

Seems like a nightmare and every day so far during this, for a split second when I wake up I think to myself ‘ I just had the worst nightmare.’ ..Am sure I’m not the only one doing that..

Now is not the time for the blame game, but to try and help each other as much as we can..

The good folk at Bandcamp have kindly offered to help artists by taking their percentage off of orders for 24 hours as of midnight tonight..

I’d like to donate 50% of all sales for that period to my local food bank which helps people in need ..

It’s basic needs we need to help with at the moment.. www.trusselltrust.org/what-we-do/

I was in the process of doing this Tee shirt recently before said shitstorm.
It’s a silver hand screenprinted logo on a black Gildan tee with the logo from the recent Doors to Manual 4x vinyl release which is also still available..
50% of profit off this Tee will go to the aforementioned trust as long as it’s on sale for..
(At the moment it’s a 6 week campaign as the tees are made to order)
Details on my page..

Yes I’m trying to help myself too as obviously all gigs are cancelled and the vinyl/mastering business I work in is in serious trouble along with every single other business worldwide due to this pandemic.
I’m certainly not going to rely on our government to help me hence trying to do something here..

I’ve also uploaded some previously unavailable remixes from the Growl album from 2008 feat the likes of Luke Vibert, Paul Blackford, Christopher D Ashley amongst others titled Gnarl and Gnash Ep’s in my Discography..

All that remains to say is let’s help each other as much as we can through this, especially the weak, the elderly, people with underlying health issues and the homeless..

Finally the governments and leaders of this world might realise we don’t live in an economy, we live in a society, albeit a very delicate one..
Things will have to change when this goes away.. Maybe something positive will come of all this.. it’s gonna have to ..

Love to all, look after yourselves and each other

Keith x

DJ’ing at DPW Fundraiser

DPW (those rockstars who build the toilets and a lot of other things at AfrikBurn) are having a fundrauser shindig at Gandalf’s in Obz (Cape Town) on Saturday March 7th and have asked me to DJ at said shindig.

Judging from the crowd response I got from my DJ set at General Eclectic this is going to be bamger!

Get your tickets at Quicket! Presale only, no tickets at the door !!! https://www.quicket.co.za/events/98977-dpwafrikaburn-takes-on-2020/

Silent Disco set at AfrikaBurn Decompression 2017

It was such a blast to play at the decom! Thank you everyone! 😍🙏🔥❤️

And here’s the tracklist:

  1. Moondog – Bird’s Lament
  2. Prince – Dear Mr. Man
  3. Jimmy Hicks – I’m Mr Big Stuff
  4. The Electric Express – It’s The Real Thing Part 1
  5. Lee Dorsey – Four Corners
  6. Leroy And The Drivers – The Sad Chicken
  7. The Soul Machine – Twitchie Feet
  8. City Council Ltd – When You Git Through Wit It
  9. Carl Lester & The Showstoppers – When You See Me Hurt
  10. The Coasters – Down in Mexico
  11. Benny Spellman – Fortune Teller
  12. Joe Thomas – Chitlins And Cuchifritos
  13. Mel Torme – Comin’ Home Baby
  14. Prince – Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
  15. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in Full (Coldcut mix)
  16. Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers (Final mix With intro) (Street version) (feat. Chubb Rock, Jeru the Damaja & O.C.)
  17. Jeru the Damaja – Ya Playin’ Yaself
  18. Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode
  19. Fab Samperi – The Beat
  20. Featurecast – Funky White Brother
  21. George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Qdup Remix)
  22. Young MC – Bust A Move
  23. Deee-Lite – Groove Is in the Heart (Meeting of the Minds mix)
  24. DJ Jasper Weeda – Wild Seven Nation Army Thing
  25. Drop Goblin – Make Yur Head Bounce
  26. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
  27. Kool & The Gang – Jungle Boogie (Kovary Nu Jump up booty)
  28. Diplo & Swick – Keep It Gully
  29. Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique – She Want It Ruff
  30. Snoop Lion feat. Mavado & Popcaan – Lighters Up
  31. Run the Jewels feat. Gangsta Boo – Love Again (Akinyele Back)
  32. Sister Nancy – Bam-Bam
  33. Beastie Boys – High Plains Drifter

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