Robosonic – The Edge and more

Loving this track from Berlin DJ/producers duo Robosonic: The Edge, blowing up dancefloors all over.
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You probably know the hook from Dr. Dre’s classic The Next Episode

Which brings me to another all time Dre classic: Still D.R.E. Also one I’ll never get tired of. Still not ♥’ing police!

Dr. Dre and Robosonic actually took the sample from The Edge by David McCallum out of 1967.

I discovered Robosonic way back in 2006 trough this track, another dancefloor bomb, although I never heard it played out by any other DJ: Technologic Creeps. A mash-up/edit of Daft Punk’s Technologic and Magic Carpet Ride by the Mighty Dub Katz (aka Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim together with his former flatmate Gareth Hansome aka G Money). Love that oldskool Sega sample from Sonic The Hedgehog in the intro so much, reminds me of playing it on my Neo Geo Pocket handheld console.

Going back even further, to 1997 with Ghetto Girl also by Da Mighty Dub Katz or depending on which release you have Pizzaman (another of Norman Cook’s many disguises, together with John C. Reid and Jon Martin). My vinyl version is a Southern Fried Records promo. Which reminds me I have to get round to digitizing al that wax stocked in my bedroom at my parent’s house. One day!

Go still deeper in this version excursion with these whosampled links:






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