The sound of Cape Town?

I’ve been in Cape Town for almost 2 months now, but haven’t really gotten far discovering what the local music scene has to offer. I had heard about The Future Primitives before coming here, as they played in Brussels, but I unfortunately missed their show there. I saw them at some tequila street party, where they had the dubious honour of being the opening act and they absolutely rocked it. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow in The Pit on 133 Bree Street and many other occasion.

Having my SoundCloud open at a recent house-warming braai, one of the guests tuned in to Mr Sakitumi, which in turn led me to discover some other nice Capetonian electronic dance music like Narch, DANksibot and maramza. I’m definitely liking what I’m hearing, but I guess I should go out and see them rock the crowd live. Where are the happening venues in Cape Town at the moment? If you’ve got any tips on local Cape Town music, electronic or other please use the comments option bellow or hit me on Twitter or any other way you can.






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